The Kenilworth Beautification Committee

Represented on the Kenilworth Beautification Committee, also called “Beautification”, are the four local Kenilworth garden clubs, Mahoney Park, the Historical Society and the Memorial Garden.  Each of these entities has a spokesperson present at the monthly meetings.  The purpose of Beautification is to steward projects that promote the rehabilitation of open lands, and supply the American flags and Christmas wreaths displayed throughout the village during the year.  They have raised money yearly with a plant sale and biennially with a fundraising letter sent to each household in Kenilworth.

Centennial Park after its recent renovation.

Centennial Park after its recent renovation.

The monthly meetings afford communication, the exchange of ideas between the club members, and information about and better understanding the current village government issues.  Many worthwhile projects have been the result.

As a group, they also support the efforts of other interested community volunteers such as the Scouts.  Beautification is in close contact with the Village Board and the Village Park Board; in concert with each other, the Village of Kenilworth has benefited from this mutual cooperation.

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